Physical Therapy and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

At Momentous Sports Medicine, we get rid of your pain. Whether your injury is recent or distant, we can help you. We perform a thorough evaluation of your entire body, not just the area of pain, to identify the source of your pain. Once identified, we eradicate your pain, while strengthening the necessary areas to prevent the same issue from recurring. Our goal is to eliminate your pain and return you to the activities that you love as soon and as safe as possible.

If you required surgery, Momentous is also for you. We help you regain your range of motion and strength to improve your overall function. We have experience with all types of sports injuries like ACL reconstructions, meniscus surgeries, rotator cuff surgeries, hip and shoulder labrum surgeries, Achilles tendon repairs, and more!

We provide world class service to make your rehab effective and efficient. Your time is valuable, so we want you to spend that time doing the things you love, not in rehab forever.