Run Club

Whether you’re a new runner, getting back to running, or a veteran runner, this is a great group to keep yourself motivated, have fun, and get a good workout!

As we are a sports physical therapy clinic, we want to make sure we can provide you high level resources to keep you healthy. We’ll be offering the opportunity to work on strengthening that can help reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance so you can hit your PRs or just keep running without having to worry about injury!

Consistent attendance can earn you perks like recovery room sessions, a biomechanical running gait analysis, and more!


Meet location:
Momentous DC HQ
1228 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC
 Every Thursday starting March 28th, 2024

Meet Time: 6pm
Run Time 6:30pm

Join us every Thursday night at our DC headquarters in Blagden Alley starting Thursday, March 28th. Runs are around the Shaw neighborhood and are between 2-3 miles. All paces are welcome!

Just show up at 6pm, check in and store your belongings, and then get ready to run at 6:30pm!

There will be an area for storage of personal belongings and a bathroom to use before/after runs


I love running because it’s the best way to clear my head, see new sights in any city, and tackle new goals. I am excited to lead the Momentous Run Club because I’m a relationship cultivator through and through. I am excited to add the Momentous family to my running community and help fellow runners reach their goals.
I love running because it’s more than a form of exercise; it becomes a source of energy, clarity and community. Leading this run club allows me to share my journey and passion for running with others, fostering a supportive environment where we can all thrive together.
I love running because it allows me to stay healthy & set an example for my daughters on the importance of living a physically active lifestyle. Leading the run club is important to me, because it allows me to assist others who are looking to forge through the journey of running.
I started running long distance races in order to travel more and make time to step away from work for a little bit. In the last few years I have run over a dozen half or full marathons in almost just as many states! But ultimately I hope I can bring an enthusiasm for running at all levels, since I am a fan of taking it easy and enjoying every minute on the move.